Anastasya Narwastu Tety Handuran@N_TasyaJKT48

167cm - 48kg

ive went through a period of time where i am constantly hating my own reflection on the mirror, vomiting, crying, unhealthy attempts of getting rid of the ugly side fats

i lose to my own thoughts that keep consuming every bits of my own self twitter.com/cudble/status/… pic.twitter.com/a5CzpINcdg


157cm - 49kg

uhh.. I keep yo-yoing, never been in a stable weight, never actually liked my body ratio.
Everyday I got a lot of negative, hate comments abt my body. Honestly im sick OF IT

They said “u better just keep posting ur face, ur body ugly bogel”

wkwk ok nanti aku 40kg twitter.com/dofflzla/statu… pic.twitter.com/3JDY2EeVLU

  1. Anastasya Narwastu Tety Handuran@N_TasyaJKT48

    but now i have come to the terms of making peace with my own body and the art of loving myself 🤗❤ i love how i look like right now nobody can tell me otherwise

    so this probably explain why i make a huge change of my lifestyle nowadays alias hidup sehat enak juga euy